Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New to the game!!

Hey everyone!
      This is my very first attempt at blogging! I'll start off with a post from one of the tunes I'm really feeling right now. The song, "Feel Like Making Love (To You)" was written by Eugene McDaniels, who's written 6 Top 40 hit. Eugene later wrote more socially conscience music, which we'll check out later, when I analyze his legendary (and underrated) album, Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse.  In August 1974, Roberta Flack performed "Feel Like Making Love (To You)", and took it to #1 on the Billboard charts.

Her version:

The song was also performed by Isaac Hayes, who changes the key of the song from F minor, to G minor:

The last version is actually the first I heard. This is D'Angelo's interpretation from his album "Voodoo" (2000). Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson was heavily involved in the production of "Voodoo" and he's also a very big Eugene McDaniels fan, so it's no surprise this made the final cut:

D'Angelo - Feel Like Making Love (To You) Live In Brazil

D'Angelo - Feel Like Making Love (To You) studio

To me, it's really interesting how a a song can be reinterpreted so many ways. I hope you enjoyed this analysis of this classic tune!!


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